Laura Marie Peters, Birthing Coach and Doula

Pregnancy-belly-bowl-twins-baby-castingI have a deep passion for pregnancy and childbirth. I love the process, the connection, the strength and wisdom that unfolds during the experience, and most of all, how much this journey empowers and inspires each of us—women, men, mothers, grandmothers, uncles, children, families and friends—to grow and come together in love and community.

As a doula, I am dedicated to supporting and empowering women in making their own choices during this incredible journey.

I have been closely involved in the birthing community for 20 years as a birthing assistant and coach, meanwhile serving as a single mom to two daughters (now in their teens), and starting a business with them that celebrates pregnancy. I will be studying classical midwifery with the Midwife College of Utah beginning in January 2016.

My Training:

My Mission:

  • To build a comfortable, supportive, trusting relationship with you and your birthing partner.
  • To encourage and support you to experience YOUR birth story… told YOUR way.
  • To serve as your passionate birthing planner… helping you envision, explore and establish the processes and environment for a joyful, successful birthing process.
  • To foster tranquility in an environment that promotes a personal, blissful, peaceful birth.
  • To provide knowledgeable, reliable, confidential, loving support throughout every step of the pregnancy and birth.
  • To serve as your personal liaison and conduit from beginning to end of your precious birthing journey.

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