As your birthing doula, I seek to forge a bond that establishes a strong, reliable, supportive foundation all throughout your journey of childbirth, from the early stages of pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond.

laura-marie-peters-doula-seattle-bellivitaWe will begin by meeting in your home prenatally, working together to plan the birthing experience. My goal is to help you envision your birth story, so that we can put the necessary processes and environment in place in advance that enable you to tell this precious story your way.

As your pregnancy progresses, we will begin to work on specific visualization and relaxation techniques that you can practice in advance of labor. I will provide on-call Q&A, education and support, either in person, or by email, phone and/or text… whatever manner of communication you prefer.

At the onset of labor…

I will be by your side providing emotional and physical support to you and your birthing partner throughout every step of the process.

I will incorporate gentle touch and massage, along with a wide variety of specific birthing techniques to help you relax, and feel more present and connected during your experience.

I will provide you with the experience, knowledge, and communication that will both acknowledge and help reduce any concerns, with the goal of maintaining your birthing plan.

I will facilitate an environment that minimizes stress and supports the release of the mother/baby (oxytocin) hormones.

I will support your emotional well-being, guiding you towards a deep awareness and growing connection with your body, your mind, your heart, and most importantly, your baby.

During Postpartum

I will make two follow-up visits at a timing that feels most appropriate to you—typically within 48 hours after birth, and again 1-2 weeks later—to discuss any new parenting questions you might have, and support the breastfeeding process.

Additional / Ongoing Services

Having someone who is already familiar with your baby can be a welcome source of support during your initial transition to parenthood. If you would benefit from additional postpartum services, I am available to come to your home roughly twice a week, spending 2 to 4 hours at a time, typically between week 2 and 10. These visits can include breastfeeding support, meal assistance, helping out with your newborn’s needs, running errands, and other simple tasks that help your household run more smoothly (excluding housecleaning and babysitting). 🙂

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